Bonfire 2023 - Sunday 17 September, 12-4pm



Hopefully you have received our email inviting you to our annual bonfire. If you haven't, please let me know - alternately please contact me if you would like to be taken off our mailing list. Children grow up and the bonfire is probably not especially exciting for teenagers :)

Details this year are as follows:

* mixed dozens will be discounted on the day, thank you for supporting our small family business;

* we will fire up the bbqs around midday and provide sausages, bread rolls, condiments, tea/coffee and some basic salads. Please consider bringing something to bbq or add to the table if you are coming with kids so we can be sure no one misses out;

* the property is not on mains water, we recommend bringing your drink bottles;

* we will light the bonfire around 230pm depending on our pyromaniacs' self control;

* tractor rides will happen throughout the afternoon with Mike and Nebs being our drivers this year. Please make sure one responsible adult is in the trailer with the kids;

* there is an unfenced (fairly shallow) dam close to the bonfire. The property is also unfenced to the road. Please be aware where your kids are at all times, your children's safety is your responsibility;

* no dogs please at the event, there are many children who are not comfortable with dogs;

* please return your tasting glass to the winery at the end of the day. They are marked with the Bickley Valley logo, so easy to identify; and

* bring balls, cricket stumps etc and make use of the property! You are welcome to stroll anywhere on the farm.

See you soon!


Sunshine forecast for 2022 Bonfire!

We are in luck and sunshine is predicted for Sunday! Spring has arrived in the valley, it is a lovely time of the year to come and visit.

Details for the Bonfire this year as as follows:

  • Cellar door opens around midday for tastings with the BBQ starting 12-12.30pm.
  • Bonfire ignition is planned for 2.30-3pm and close of sales at 4pm.
  • Bring some meat to BBQ or something for the share table. We will provide sausages, bread rolls, salad, condiments, coffee/tea and some sweets.
  • There will be tractor rides for the kids. Please can you ensure that at least 1 adult hops into the trailer with each load of kids (and is the ears and eyes for the tractor driver)?
  • There will be bins placed around the picnic area. We know most of you do, but please remember to put your rubbish in the appropriate bins before you leave. 
  • A reminder that the tasting glasses belong to the winery, we need them to host functions like the Bonfire Party each year. Please remember to return your tasting glass to the winery before you leave or leave them on the barrels or tables in the picnic area. They are easy to identify as they are etched with the Bickley Harvest Festival logo.
  • Finally, remember the property is unfenced and there is a small dam near the bonfire. Please keep a close eye on your child and know where they are especially if they are very young or not competent swimmers.

We look forward to celebrating the passing of 2021 and the start of the new season with you.

PLEASE NOTE - this is an invitation only event.

    Bonfire 2022 - Sunday 18 September

    Hi all

    We have had a few inquiries about the Bonfire already this year so thought it might be useful to post some info before we finalise our mailing list.

    Basically, it will be an invite only event as we do not want the Bonfire to get any bigger and struggle to contain numbers each year as it is.

    Please come with your family, there is no need to RSVP, but if you are desperate to also include your friends (who also love wine!) but are not on our mailing list, please check in with us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    The date this year is Sunday 18 September 12-4pm.

    Wines will be discounted on the day and since we are not open to the public anymore, it is your chance to stock up on some wine for the next year.

    For those who can't make it on Sunday but are keen to take advantage of the sale, please contact Lara and we will try to find a solution.

    The format will be similar, details will be emailed out closer to the date.

    Hope to see you all then.

    Lara and family

    Winding down - no eftpos facility

    Many of you know that our last vintage was 2021. In the end there was no decision, the business could not financially operate in the manner we needed/wanted and producing wine to a budget was never a possibility for us. 

    As part of the winding down process, we will only be open for wine collections (no tastings).

    Cash or direct transfer are our only payment options; credit card and eftpos are no longer available.

    Thank you for your understanding and support over the years.

    Final details for Bonfire Party

    Whilst we're not expecting a sunny blue day like last time, we are not expecting dismal conditions. The forecast is for a few scattered showers later in the afternoon.

    We have hosted the Bonfire Party in much wetter conditions. Some may remember the year the food was moved into the barrel hall because the rain was so relentless. Kids were wet and muddy ... and happy! Some say it was the best Bonfire yet. It was certainly the most memorable!!

    So in case you were wondering YES, the Bonfire will go ahead!!! I have faith in my team of piromaniacs.

    Make sure you bring a change of dry clothes for the drive home and wet weather gear for the afternoon. Perhaps deckchairs rather than picnic blankets might be wise too.

    Please also remember to bring your water bottles as the property is not on mains water.

    For those seeking to take advantage of the Bonfire Sale, mixed red dozens will be $185 (normally $225) but there will be a cap of 2 bottles of Shiraz per dozen. As many of you know, reception is not great, so if you're planning on getting a few cases and don't need a tasting (or want to queue), you are welcome to transfer payment prior to the event and simply bring a print out of the transaction.

    Any questions, please feel free to email

    See you soon!!

    Invite only Bonfire Party 2021

    Hi All

    It looks like the weather may hold this weekend!

    We are excited to be able to host the event once again and to catch up with friends and customers.

    We are at capacity this year, so unless you have RSVPed to the invite, or are simply stopping by to collect wine, apologies but you will need to wait till next year! Strange times for us all.

    Details again as follows:
    Address: 226 Aldersyde Road, Bickley
    Time: 12-5pm, sales close at 4pm
    What to bring: some meat or plate if you're staying for the BBQ
    Bonfire: 2pm

    See you there!


    (pic from the last Bonfire)

    Cellar door closed for tastings

    Our cellar door is no longer open tastings.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

    We are, however, open for sales (and the collection of your wine) and welcome you to contact us on 9293 3309 or by  email on

    Thank you for your support and understanding.

    Lara and family

    Changes to cellar door due to COVID 19

    Due to the recent COVID 19 outbreak and emerging industry health guidelines, we will be open for sales only (no tastings) by appointment from 1 May 2020 to 30 June 2020.

    We will re-assess the situation in early July.

    Please email or phone 0401671137 or 9293 3309 to arrange a suitable time for collection.

    We are pleased to offer free local Kalamunda delivery during this period, else we can deliver for a small $10 fee to Perth metro.

    Please specify where on your property we may leave the delivery as personal hand-hand deliveries are no longer possible.

    Wishing you courage and good health during these unusual and testing times.

    Cellar door closure over summer 2019-2020

    Cellar door will be closed for tastings during the summer holidays and vintage 2020.

    Our last day at cellar door for 2019 is Sunday 22 December 2019 and we re-open for the Harvest Festival on Saturday 2 May 2020.

    If you would like to purchase wine during this time and don't require a tasting please contact Di on 9293 3309 or Lara on 0401671137 or to arrange a convenient time to collect the wine.

    Happy summer holidays!

    Bonfire Party details

    Most of you hopefully will have received our invitation to the Bonfire Party this year.

    Details are similar to last year but for the uninitiated:

    When: Sunday 22 September, approx 12.30-5pm

    Where: 226 Aldersyde Road, Bickley

    What: discounted red dozens, BBQ, bonfire at 3pm

    Bring: warm clothes, sunscreen/hat, something to sit on (or not!), meat for the BBQ or a plate for the share table (we will provide the basics like bread and sausages, tea/coffee), marshmellows for the bonfire (!)

    Please return your tasting glass to the winery at the end of the day or leave it on one of the barrels in the picnic area.

    Remember the dam on the property is unfenced so please keep an eye on your kids..

    There will be tractor rides again - could we please ask that at least 1 adult hops into the trailer with the kids?

    Fingers crossed for sunshine!

    See you then.