September 2015 Archives

Kanyana Wildlife says thanks


Here's a message from one of the associations we are proud to support:

"Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is grateful to once again receive the support of Aldersyde Estate for our annual Quiz Night Fundraiser. They have kindly donated some of their delicious Merlot and Cabernet Shiraz for prizes. Thanks Lara and Dianne!"

Bonfire party stays on Sunday

The weather looks great and sunny on Sunday 20th - perhaps a little nippy at 17C but perfect for a bonfire!

The BBQs will be fired up and ready for action around 12-1pm and the bonfire lit around 3-4pm.

Dogs are welcome, but please remember the property is not fenced and we have 2 border collies who will probably assert their right to be king of the castle. There will also be lots of children, so if you cannot vouch for your dog's behaviour, the bonfire is not the place to bring him/her.

The format will be the same as in past years - we will have some salads, sausages, cipave, bread rolls and coffee/tea but we ask that you please bring some meat or a plate to share, especially if you are coming with friends. Over the years we have seen some stunning contributions, eg Helga's homemade halva.

Mixed dozens will be on sale on Sunday only for $150, so make sure you take advantage of the saving and stock up for the summer or Christmas.

Bonfire bonanza!

The bonfire is BIG this year!

We've finished re-trellising the old shiraz. This means there are quite a few old vine arms in the bonfire.

It's still too far out to see what the weather will do at this stage. But we're glad so many of you have said how much you're looking forward to it. We are too.

See you soon!