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Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 was quite possibly the hardest vintage I've yet worked! It is not easy looking after a 3 month old baby, let alone while organising and working a vintage. Thank god for my extended family, who took it in turns to look after Abby in between her feeds while Sean and I were crushing, pressing or pumping over the ferments.

Abby Vintage 2 (2).jpgIn terms of quality, I would rate this year's vintage as similar to 2008.Flavour was apparent at low baumes which means wines from this vintage should carry lower alcohols than normal, yet still display varietal character.

Yields were also much lower this year. In some varieties our intake was as much as halved. Expect fairly darkly coloured, intense wines from 2015.

At the moment our wines are all sitting in barrel, quietly going through secondary fermentation. In the meantime we are catching our breath and enjoying some much-needed sleep.