Final details for Bonfire Party

Whilst we're not expecting a sunny blue day like last time, we are not expecting dismal conditions. The forecast is for a few scattered showers later in the afternoon.

We have hosted the Bonfire Party in much wetter conditions. Some may remember the year the food was moved into the barrel hall because the rain was so relentless. Kids were wet and muddy ... and happy! Some say it was the best Bonfire yet. It was certainly the most memorable!!

So in case you were wondering YES, the Bonfire will go ahead!!! I have faith in my team of piromaniacs.

Make sure you bring a change of dry clothes for the drive home and wet weather gear for the afternoon. Perhaps deckchairs rather than picnic blankets might be wise too.

Please also remember to bring your water bottles as the property is not on mains water.

For those seeking to take advantage of the Bonfire Sale, mixed red dozens will be $185 (normally $225) but there will be a cap of 2 bottles of Shiraz per dozen. As many of you know, reception is not great, so if you're planning on getting a few cases and don't need a tasting (or want to queue), you are welcome to transfer payment prior to the event and simply bring a print out of the transaction.

Any questions, please feel free to email

See you soon!!

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