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Sunshine forecast for 2022 Bonfire!

We are in luck and sunshine is predicted for Sunday! Spring has arrived in the valley, it is a lovely time of the year to come and visit.

Details for the Bonfire this year as as follows:

  • Cellar door opens around midday for tastings with the BBQ starting 12-12.30pm.
  • Bonfire ignition is planned for 2.30-3pm and close of sales at 4pm.
  • Bring some meat to BBQ or something for the share table. We will provide sausages, bread rolls, salad, condiments, coffee/tea and some sweets.
  • There will be tractor rides for the kids. Please can you ensure that at least 1 adult hops into the trailer with each load of kids (and is the ears and eyes for the tractor driver)?
  • There will be bins placed around the picnic area. We know most of you do, but please remember to put your rubbish in the appropriate bins before you leave. 
  • A reminder that the tasting glasses belong to the winery, we need them to host functions like the Bonfire Party each year. Please remember to return your tasting glass to the winery before you leave or leave them on the barrels or tables in the picnic area. They are easy to identify as they are etched with the Bickley Harvest Festival logo.
  • Finally, remember the property is unfenced and there is a small dam near the bonfire. Please keep a close eye on your child and know where they are especially if they are very young or not competent swimmers.

We look forward to celebrating the passing of 2021 and the start of the new season with you.

PLEASE NOTE - this is an invitation only event.