Bonfire 2023 - Sunday 17 September, 12-4pm



Hopefully you have received our email inviting you to our annual bonfire. If you haven't, please let me know - alternately please contact me if you would like to be taken off our mailing list. Children grow up and the bonfire is probably not especially exciting for teenagers :)

Details this year are as follows:

* mixed dozens will be discounted on the day, thank you for supporting our small family business;

* we will fire up the bbqs around midday and provide sausages, bread rolls, condiments, tea/coffee and some basic salads. Please consider bringing something to bbq or add to the table if you are coming with kids so we can be sure no one misses out;

* the property is not on mains water, we recommend bringing your drink bottles;

* we will light the bonfire around 230pm depending on our pyromaniacs' self control;

* tractor rides will happen throughout the afternoon with Mike and Nebs being our drivers this year. Please make sure one responsible adult is in the trailer with the kids;

* there is an unfenced (fairly shallow) dam close to the bonfire. The property is also unfenced to the road. Please be aware where your kids are at all times, your children's safety is your responsibility;

* no dogs please at the event, there are many children who are not comfortable with dogs;

* please return your tasting glass to the winery at the end of the day. They are marked with the Bickley Valley logo, so easy to identify; and

* bring balls, cricket stumps etc and make use of the property! You are welcome to stroll anywhere on the farm.

See you soon!


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