Yep, it's on!

vineyard_june2013.jpgThe forecast for the weekend looks promising! "Mostly sunny with some cloudy periods". We'll take it!!!

Preparations are well underway. Thanks to Sean and Pete for making the place look picture-card perfect.

The spit has been greased and tested, the lamb collected and the logs split.

We will fire up the BBQ around 1pm, the lamb hopefully will be ready about 2pm. If you are coming with friends, please consider bringing something for the BBQ as we are not sure of precise numbers.

Please also make sure you bring warm clothes. The forecast is 14C during the day and once the sun disappears it will drop to 4C. There will be some chairs, but if you want to be sure of one, pop one into your car.

In terms of wine sales, there will be mixed red dozens* available for $150 and straight dozens (other than Rose) will attract ~10% off the cellar door price.

We look forward to seeing you again!

* 3 bottle limit on Shiraz and Cabernet

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