Grafting chardonnay to malbec


I am in the process of grafting over another row of chardonnay to malbec. While to many professional grafters this is a fast and painless task, for me it takes quite a bit of time. But I do love doing it. I love seeing a new life spring from old. This is now my 3rd season of grafting, so I think I am getting better and faster. For me the trick is to make sure the bud I cut from the cane (stored over winter in the fridge) is cut clean and straight so it can fit exactly into the chip in the old vine without any light exposed between the bud and the trunk. Normally if I take time to match the bud to the wood, the strike rate is over 98%. If, however, you quickly bandage the bud in because Sunday roast lamb is waiting on the verandah table along with friends and family and a few bottles of red, you only have yourself to blame..



Here is a pic taken while I was out in the vineyard grafting over the weekend. It is a sea of green in the vineyard at the moment! 


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