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It has been a frenetic but fantastic month, starting with the launch of our wines on the first weekend of July. We were surprised and felt humbled by the amount of support and encouragement we received from friends, family and well-wishers. It was a fabulous weekend, helped no doubt by the brilliant weather though the evening bonfire tested the mettle of some. Thanks to everyone who helped make it the success it was.

The following week was spent racking the 2009 vintage up from the barrel room, ready for blending, and the 2010 wines down into the cellar for maturation. The 2009 wines are now quietly resting in tank after a light egg white fining before bottling in a few weeks. To me, 2009 is perhaps a more elegant vintage than 2008, with silky tannins and bright acid. It will be a wine to keep, not like the more upfront but luxuriously fruited 2008. After bottling we will keep the 2009 vintage back until July next year for a year's maturation in bottle.

Speaking of releasing wines, we have caved into pressure (mainly from my sister-in-law's family and my Tetka Desa!) to release the 2010 Saignee before spring. We will release the rose on 15 August, my grandmother's birthday. So for all you pink lovers, start beating a track to our cellar door after 15 August for your fix of pink.

Pruning is coming along nicely. Mum has finished the chardonnay and has started on the old shiraz vines. I am still plugging away at the cabernet. Tetka Beka, as usual, is way ahead of us all and finished pre-pruning all the vines before the beginning of August.

I love pruning on cold, sunny days. Oban and Zoe sit patiently by my side waiting for the occasional stick to be thrown while ducks contentedly waddle down the rows searching for fresh grubs and grass. On days like this I can't help but smile.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce that Aldersyde wines are now available at Meeka restaurant in Subiaco. Faye reports the cabernet is disappearing like hot cakes, which is great news! 



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